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I was reflecting on Valentine’s Day yesterday after looking at posts on Facebook.  Some were so excited about the dinner their significant other treated them to or flowers they were given, etc.  My thought has so often been — flower costs rise for the simple fact it is Valentine’s Day.  I would much rather my husband buy me flowers once or twice a year just for the heck of it than him go along with the crowd and send me flowers at the inflated price on February 14th which die.  I’m romantic like that!

I thought about how people have their significant others buy them massages and do something “special” for them on Valentine’s Day.  I realized how blessed I am.  My husband does all of these things throughout the year just because he loves me and not because it’s a specific date.  I don’t get flowers once a week, but who wants that?  My husband brings me flowers “for everything you do.”  My husband makes me dinner because well, he enjoys letting me sit back and relax while he cooks, serves me dinner and then will often even do the dishes after.  My husband gives me a massage because he knows I don’t like paying for the expensive massages.  Hubby spreads these things throughout the year and makes me feel special all of the time and not just because it’s February 14th.

Yesterday, Hubby and I both took off work to spend the day together per my request.  I had a coupon for IHop to buy 1 entree, get 1 free so we went to breakfast.  Next, we went to visit my friend TR in the hospital because she just had a baby.  Congrats TR!  We shopped for gliders for the baby’s room and video cameras, then rented a Redbox (free with promo code!), went home and relaxed and watched a movie.  To me, it was a perfect day.  My husband was attentive to what I wanted to do, I wasn’t fretting over spending a lot of money, I got to use my coupons and I spent the entire day relaxing and spending time with my husband. 

Everyone is different.  Not everyone gets a thrill out of using coupons like I do.  I honestly would be upset if my husband did go out and spent money on diamonds for me.  To each their own I suppose.

To Hubby, thank you for making me feel special all year long and not just sending me flowers once a year because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I love you!


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