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Twelve days and counting until my due date!  I took this picture before coming to work this morning.  I hope I go into labor before I have time to post weeks 39 or 40.  I don’t even want to jinx myself and discuss week 41.

I started packing my hospital bag last night.  I washed all of my cloth diapers, inserts and wipes.  I made the solution for the wipe warmer.  I don’t know if you consider this nesting, but I’m trying to stay on my feet and vertical as much as possible. 

I have a doctor’s appointment today so we’ll see if I am dilated at all.  I don’t think so, but this is my first rodeo so what do I know.  Excited and anxious can’t begin to describe how slow time is passing by.

Praying for an easy labor and delivery and a healthy baby girl!

***Update 3/3–Doctor’s report from yesterday–70% effaced, 1-2cm dilated, baby’s head is down and my doctor thinks I will deliver in the next week or so.  I’m not holding my breath.  I don’t know if anyone really knows exactly when a baby will be born, but I’m ready in the next week when she decides she would like to make her grand entrance into the world!


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Here’s a belly shot at 30 weeks:

Here’s a front shot of my new do:

I haven’t mastered taking my own picture so please forgive.  You get the idea.

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14 Weeks

Saturday we went tailgating.  I took some shots of my belly in my UK football t-shirt.

Sunday I layed on my couch and in bed all day long.  I thought of several things I could be doing and continued to lay there.  I thought about this being one of the last times I am going to be able to do whatever I want all day long.  I napped and watched Lifetime and Hallmark movies all day long.  Closer to my due date I am going to be nesting and going to showers and preparing the house for the baby.  Yesterday, I rested and enjoyed every second of it!

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…the newest member of the Spoutings family.  I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow.

I haven’t been sick so far.  I’ve had a couple of nauseous days and headaches, but no vomiting which I am thankful to do without! 

We moved into our new house this weekend.  There are still boxes in the garage and in most rooms of our house, but the boxes are slowly being unpacked.  I’ll have more on the new house when I get some pictures uploaded and the mirror and pictures hung.

I’m off to Vegas for work on Friday.  I go twice a year for work, but this time the only thing I’m looking forward to is the big tub in my hotel.  If you’re in the area give me a shout and maybe we can meet up for a drink coffee.

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