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I’m happy to announce we are having a girl expected to arrive March 14, 2011!  To date, she weighs 12 oz! 

We are considering Reagan for her name, but that’s this week.  Who knows what I’ll change my mind to in the coming weeks!  I’ve already gone through Hadleigh and Madison.  Hadleigh might be a consideration for the middle name.  All recommendations (other than your own name) are appreciated!  I couldn’t name my child Madison after I saw the Jackass 3D movie.  Steve O (SteveO–however you spell his name) had Madison tattooed above one of his breasts.  I was done with the name Madison the moment I saw this.

At my docor’s appointment yesterday, I did have a little blood in my urine so I have to take a prescription.  This indicates I might have a urinary tract infection.  I’ve had UTI’s my whole life and normally can feel them coming on.  TMI–when I was in 5th grade I had my urethra tube stretched due to so many bladder infections.

I also have carpal tunnel.  I am supposed to buy a wrist brace and wear it as much as possible.  I have a doctor’s appointment with an orthopaedic doctor next Wednesday who will possibly give me a steroid shot in my wrist.  My OBGYN says the carpal tunnel will only get worse as my pregnancy progresses. 

I’m looking forward to March 2011!


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