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…or should I say what my Facebook friends advised me to buy, not to buy, etc.

I posted on Facebook I needed advice from all mom’s on what to buy, what not to buy, etc.  I have compiled all of their comments for your reading pleasure. 

I also have inquired about using cloth diapers.  Rachel recommended and uses bumGenius (read Rachel’s comments on bumGenius cloth diapers from Cottonbabies (after the “advice to buy” section).  Thanks Rachel for all of your insight on cloth diapers and everyone else who advised me on what to buy.

Stephanie—I used Luvs with both my kids.  We had a problem with leaking in both Pampers and Huggies.  I’ve never had a Luvs leak before.  We also used Boudreaux’s Butt Paste diaper cream.

 Jen—I tried Pampers and they gave Lennon a diaper rash.  We’ve been using Huggies since he was a baby.  The wipes I like the best are actually the Walmart brand (Parent’s Choice)—the sensitive ones.  All the other ones I’ve tried are too hard on the bottom.  I waited until after my showers to buy the stuff I still needed.  I didn’t want a whole bunch of duplicates.

 Jessica—I use Pampers for Addy.  She always leaked through Huggies, especially at night.  For the things you should buy that are must haves, these were mine: a boppy pillow (great for breast-feeding or just extra support for holding), a bouncy seat, a bumbo chair or bebe pod and a swing.  And you can NEVER have enough diapers and wipes!  Try all brands and see what works for you and your baby!  We did not buy a Diaper Genie thing and are very happy with our decision.  We take out our trash almost daily, so we don’t ever have a diaper smelling problem in her room.  Good luck!

 Rae—Stock up on A & D ointment.  It will keep the baby from getting a rash and also treat it.  I put it on McKayla every time I changed her and she never had another diaper rash.  The Desitin and Butt Paste is too thick.  The A & D is a Vaseline base that will treat while it protects.  Good luck.  Also, Milicon gas drops.

Lauren—Things I could not live without and things I found out along the way:

  1. Pampers are the bomb
  2. Aquaphor is the cure-all ointment for any rash or skin problem for their face and bottom.
  3. The Fisher Price Cradle-n-Swing, I think it’s the lamb theme right now.
  4. The diaper champ; you can use regular garbage bags in it
  5. The pacifiers the hospital gives you.  You can buy them at Kroger and Babies R Us; they’re green and called Soothies

Courtney—Milicon…my peds dr. said that we could use it from day one.  Has gotten us through some rough nights.  Bouncy seat, swing (cradle type), Pampers sensitive wipes, I use Pampers Swadlers and Cruisers, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, pacifiers (Nuk), baby monitors, baby floor gym, if you are going to breast feed…lanolin, breast pads, NURSING BRAS…don’t buy the cheap ones, nursing shirts, and gowns.  If you are going to bottle feed, I like Dr. Browns..they cut down on gas.  I also bought a Medela double breast pump and started pumping around month two to stock pile for my return to work.  Start looking for a daycare now…waiting lists.  I will post more as I think of it…Good luck!

Lindsay—Every baby is different so it is really hard to say.   What one baby/mom loves, another may say they never used!  Good luck!!  That is why you have showers!

 Amy—As the oldie of the group I must agree with Lauren’s whole list as well as the Mylicon, bumbo seat and travel packs of Clorox wipes.  U never know where you may have to change a diaper!!!

 Jen—Oh, and steal the nose sucker thing from the hospital because they are the only kind that work.  The ones at the store suck!  I had to find the hospital ones on ebay because I didn’t bring ours home from the hospital.

 Cassy—We found that Parker stayed in size 1 and 2 for a while, not so much newborn.  We still always buy in bulk.  We usually get diapers at Walmart or Babies R Us.  We haven’t found that there is a whole lot of difference in prices when it comes to diapers, unless you buy generic.  Pampers and Huggies are always pretty close in price wherever you go.  Babies R Us has some really good sales from time to time too and this is when I really stock up. 

 Cassy—We love Pampers!

 Kim—Don’t forget diaper rash ointment and baby wipes!  You might as well buy those by the case.

 Kim—I went to Sam’s and got diapers when my daughter was little.  Huggies has a size that is a 1-2…and she was in those for months!

 Sarah—DIAPERS, DIAPERS AND MORE DIAPERS!!!  I personally LOVE  the Pampers Swaddlers.  (Just my opinion…I think everyone is different).  These were much more soft than the Huggies.  They don’t have the large packs at Sam’s Club so I always bought those at Walmart.  Start getting coupons (sometimes $3 off) from the paper.  Register at as many baby websites as you can and they will also send coupons.  We used Pampers sensitive wipes which we bought in bulk at Sam’s.  The best (but expensive) diaper ointment is the Triple Paste.  It’s expensive but works great! 

 Luann—diapers for sure!

 Gina—Don’t buy a lot of newborn diapers!!  They are not in them too long.  I liked Luvs diapers and they are not as expensive.  I also liked Target brand diapers.  With Shelby I only bought Pampers, but the others are just as good too.  Also, I loved Baby Magic lotion and still do.  K, I could go on and on, but one more thing I loved was a floor sing that you can put away easily and not a huge one.  Good luck!

 Luann—Huggies were great for boys; absorbs well, less diaper rash.  Girls can do Pampers or Huggies.

Elizabeth—I liked Huggies (Snugglers and Movers) better, especially the Movers.  The Pampers Cruisers sagged too much.  CVS has pretty good wipes for the price.

Rebecca—I wouldn’t by a lot of stuff until after your baby showers and then take inventory of what you need, but one thing you could start stocking up on is diapers!

Mary Beth—I couldn’t do without our baby carrier (front pack/backpack thing). Don’t get anything but an ERGO!  I’ve tried so many and nothing compares.  (I thought the expensive Baby Bjorn was good until I got the Ergo.)  The Ergo are about $100, but you can use it for both front and back.  Tyndale is over 2 and we still use it with him.  Every mom I know that has the Ergo after having other carriers can’t believe how amazing it is.  www.ergobabycarrier.com

Rachel—If you’re interested, the best way to save money is to use cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  I use bumGenius all in one.  My daughter is 21 months and my son (who is due in a few weeks) will wear the same.  They just pass from child to child.  It sounds scary, right?  It isn’t at all!  bumGenius have Velcro tabs so they are super easy to use just like regular diapers—no pins.  They also have a snap system so they will fit a child from 8lbs to 30lbs.  They really work too.  It’s recommended you have 25.  The up front cost is expensive, but you get your money back quick because you never have to buy them again, even with additional children.  I got a diaper sprayer that hooks to the toilet for when the baby is older.  You just spray out the solid into the toilet and flush.  I wash about every 2-3 days.  I use cloth wipes and wash them with the diapers so they are always ready together.  I have a large wet/dry bag in the bathroom to keep dirty diapers in and a small wet/dry bag in the diaper bag for changes on the go.  I haven’t had any problem with others changing her who watch her I just ask they put the dirty diaper in the wet/dry bag and I take care of it when I get home.  I never have to run to the store to buy diapers.  When I’m low I wash!  Its super easy and nothing like what our parents did!  I’ve spent about $400 total in my diaper system and the average parent spends $2,000 a year on disposable diapers and wipes.  Anyway, if you’re interested I’ll tell you more and answer any questions, direct you to websites.  But it really is easy and saves $$$$!

I have the 3.0 but it’s the same diaper, just a newer style.  I bought all white so I can bleach them (about once a month).

Everywhere Lillian has stayed-when I tell them we use cloth diapers they look at me like I’m nuts!  Then I show them the diaper and tell them to put dirty ones in her wet/dry bag.  They don’t have to clean them.  I take care of that when I get home and everyone has been very receptive to them.  No complaints!  www.cottonbabies.com

I have bought all mine from Cottonbabies.  I tried other kinds; gdiaper, thirsties before I stuck with bumGenius.  If you watch their “seconds sale” you can get a really good deal.  I’ve bought most of them through the “seconds sale.”  They have 2 different “seconds sales.”  One is new diapers with inserts, but they might have been dropped on the floor and gotten dirty, dusty something like that.  All of mine have been in perfect condition.  The second  “seconds sale” is used diapers with problems.  I’ve never bought those kind so I don’t know what kind of shape they are in.  They usually cost $12 in the “seconds sale” and are worth it if they come with the insert, but if you have to buy the inserts separate it really isn’t a discount

(I made the comment the sprayer contraption seems essential!  Where do you buy it?)

Ha Ha!  It is!  My husband hooked this sprayer up in about 2 minutes.  The base hooks to the back of your toilet and it comes with a clip to hang the nozzle on the side of the toilet.  After awhile ours leaked and they sent me a new one free, free shipping, great customer service!  Again, I don’t have the “new” version!

The “seconds sale” is from the Cottonbabies website.  They send out an email when they have them and they are bought up within the day.  You have to buy fast.  It’s a great deal.  There is no rhyme or reason to when they have the sale.  I’ve only bought the bumGenius from Cottonbabies.

(sprayer comments) Hold your diaper over the toilet, spray (even old poo comes off it it’s been in the diaper bag for a while).  Flush the toilet and put diaper in the wet/dry bag to wash!

After thanking Rachel she says, “Not a problem!  I hope it works out for you!  I’ve written papers, done presentations—I’m a cloth diaper fan!  I’ll answer any questions.  AND I’m not one to get dirty, more prissy than hippie so if I can do it anyone can!”


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