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Stepdaughter turned 11 yesterday. It’s our weekend so we’re having her a birthday party tomorrow evening. Stepdaughter requested several months back we have a separate birthday party at our house for family and a few friends. Works for me. Baby mama wants us to still pay for half of a birthday party she wants to throw for stepdaughter at a hotel with an indoor pool. I’m still not sure what her reasoning is behind this. We’re having her a party. I don’t know why we would want to pay for half of a second party. This is the same woman who requested extra money for back to school items such as underwear, bras and socks. Lady, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I know what child support is supposed to be used for. If you don’t use it for your daughter A) That’s sad and B) You being irresponsible with money doesn’t make me want to give you more money.

Stepdaughter has texting on her Ipod Touch so I text with her frequently now. She had three snow days this week if this is any indication of my definition of “frequent!” In one text she asked what the menu was going to be for her party. I told her we were going to get pizzas, breadsticks and sauce. I text back to say if this isn’t ok to let me know, but Hubby had told me he cleared this with her. She text back saying, “Sounds good with some apitizers like fruit and if u can I would love some chocolate covered strawberries.” My response, “Chocolate covered strawberries is your dad’s specialty. I’ll talk to him about that.”

Really? My stepdaughter wants fruit for “apitizers.” Funny. I had a fruit tray for New Year’s so I assume this is where the idea came from. I didn’t know 11 year old birthday parties required appetizers, but whatever. The chocolate covered strawberries I am still baffled over though. Where did that come from?


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