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Twelve days and counting until my due date!  I took this picture before coming to work this morning.  I hope I go into labor before I have time to post weeks 39 or 40.  I don’t even want to jinx myself and discuss week 41.

I started packing my hospital bag last night.  I washed all of my cloth diapers, inserts and wipes.  I made the solution for the wipe warmer.  I don’t know if you consider this nesting, but I’m trying to stay on my feet and vertical as much as possible. 

I have a doctor’s appointment today so we’ll see if I am dilated at all.  I don’t think so, but this is my first rodeo so what do I know.  Excited and anxious can’t begin to describe how slow time is passing by.

Praying for an easy labor and delivery and a healthy baby girl!

***Update 3/3–Doctor’s report from yesterday–70% effaced, 1-2cm dilated, baby’s head is down and my doctor thinks I will deliver in the next week or so.  I’m not holding my breath.  I don’t know if anyone really knows exactly when a baby will be born, but I’m ready in the next week when she decides she would like to make her grand entrance into the world!


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