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Some random pictures from birth to 1 month old.

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As you must suspect, I had Reagan.  She’s going to be two months on Saturday.  I have been procrastinating to write here first because I didn’t have enough time and second I knew I’d have to catch up.  The catching up part is what has kept me away for so long so I might not ever catch up on the past two months or maybe I will gradually.  I also have the dilemma of starting Reagan a new page or adding her in here.  She’s going to be what I talk about the most probably, but then there are few people I tell about this page for a reason.  Sounds like I’ll be starting Reagan a new blog, but then my blood pressure rises thinking about keeping up with two blogs when I haven’t even been keeping up with one!  I guess we’ll see how things go.  For now…

Welcome to the world Reagan Drew!

4lbs. 12 oz, March , 2011.  Mommy and Daddy love you Reagan!

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Hair Bows

I found the cutest most inexpensive bows for our baby-to-be.  If you’re looking for hair bows $1-3 go check out http://www.polkadotposies.com

I got everything pictured above for $14.50 including the $3 shipping.  I’ve seen these headband/bow combos in stores at $9 each!  The headbands are $1 each and I added the bows to the headbands.  When ordering I explained in the comments section my intent to add the bows to the headbands.  The clips on the bows were perfect for this purpose.  I also received a personalized note wishing me well on our baby-to-be.  I thought that was a nice touch.  The hat was $3.  I didn’t realize the flower came with the hat, but the flower came in the box so I added it to the hat.  My little girl may turn out to be a tomboy, but she’s going to have to wait until she’s older to do so!

**Disclaimer–I am not being paid by Polkadot Posies to advertise.  They will likely never know I wrote this post.**

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It’s My Birthday

Unfortunately, I’m not partying like it’s my birthday!

I’m 31.  The End.

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It is very possible if you see me these days to see me dressed in one of two colors of pants; black or denim.  For those of you who don’t know I am 5’1” tall and I am stretching the 1”.  Pants shopping for me is not easy.  Maternity pants shopping has been a nightmare.  Hello Motherhood Maternity!  You have been my saving grace, but PLEASE, PLEASE make me some petite length khakis!

I can’t wear jeans to work except on Fridays.  I have a really awkward cotton pair of khakis and a pair of corduroys in a khaki color (which I love) but this is difficult because it puts me in black pants the rest of the week.  I am a khaki pants kinda gal when it comes to work pants.  I can wear my Sperry shoes (flats-tennis shoe like) and they go with any color top.  No heels, no worry on whatever color shirt is clean depending if I have done lights or darks—there’s always a shirt to match khakis.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to find khaki maternity pants in petite length.  Google it. Look at your local maternity stores.  They don’t have them.  If you do find them please let me know.  I will gladly reimburse you and tell you how pretty you are.

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Considering my lack of posting lately I need to catch up with a recap of the beginning of summer’s events.

May 20th Hubby, SIL, my brother and I flew off to Florida for a vacation on Clearwater Beach.  It’s officially the first vacation I have ever been on with my brother.  How does that happen?

We dropped our belongings off at my FIL’s villa in Dunedin and took off toward the beach.  FIL also let us use his car.  My SIL was excited.

Here’s Hubby driving us around with the palm trees in the background.

Here’s where we spent most of our time except for the day we were all too burnt to be in the sun.

Hubby made a turtle in the sand.  I’m the horrible wife who didn’t take a picture.  Oops. 

I might have had some of these on the beach.  Shhhh…don’t tell anyone because you aren’t supposed to have glass on the beach.

Then I drank one of these at Palm Pavillion; a restaurant on the beach.

Every morning when I woke up in Florida I made coffee for everyone.  I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis, but for some reason I enjoy it on vacation.  While the coffee was brewing I would IM my brother to let him and SIL know it’s time to get moving and time to come over for coffee.  When the coffee was done brewing I would take Hubby’s coffee to him bed and I would sit outside and have mine. 

***side note*** You can kind of see my flip-flops in the above picture, but I’m going to give you more information!  These are Reef flip-flops (or as we like to call them, flippy-floppies).  These flippy-floppies are the most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned.  Knowing I am frugal you should have guessed I didn’t pay full price for these.  I found them at Marshall’s for a great deal.  Let’s take a closer look.

There is an air pocket for the heel of the foot, but I didn’t get into details for this picture.  The neatest part…

Yes!  There is a bottle opener on the bottom of my flippy-floppy!

Speaking of “too cool for school” things; have you every seen so many silly bandz in your life?

The little arm with the most silly bandz?  This would be my step-daughter!

Here are the girls on the way to King’s Island.  

My BIL does own a short bus.  We use it for a sober driver if we’re all going out, family outings and he rents it out for parties.  It’s hilarious the looks you get when you step out of a short bus to go into a club.  This is the Spoutings’ sense of humor though. 

Other random pictures…

I love Del Sol.  Their products change colors when out in the sun.  I got TR and I nail polish while in Florida.

We broke out the slip-n-slide last weekend.  Not a very good pic, but step-daughter was sliding under her dad’s legs.

This week I put a baby pool on the deck.  Yesterday I put Bella in it.  She’s a swimmer!  The close up reminds me of the cartoon characters with the huge nose unproportioned to their bodies.

I’ll leave you with an update on my vegetable garden.  I have had several strawberries.  They are best when picked right off the vine and popped directly into your mouth.  YUMMY!  My tomatoes are starting to grow.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Yesterday, I was disguised as a redneck.  I borrowed stepdaughter’s stool and reached far into the back shelf of my closet.  I found a day camp staff shirt with signs I had previously worn it painting.  I also found a racing shirt from my great-uncle who races cars which I had never worn.  I put on black, cotton pants and found my old American Eagle boots I have been saving for hiking (just in case, you know, I ever went hiking).  I’m pretty sure I’ve had these boots for approximately 10 years plus.

Wearing my fashion disaster outfit we drove to Clay City to a dirt/mud mess with trails to ride four-wheelers and the dune buggy.  This is not my idea of fun every weekend, but I have to admit I enjoyed myself.  Finding something different to do every now and then, being outside and hangin’ with the boys and kids yesterday was a blast.  We all started out pretty clean.

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We weren’t so clean when we returned.  SIL’s dad came (pictured above) and his friend from work met us there with his son.  Little Matthew was so adorable and enjoyed the mud.  This is a picture when we got back from a trail riding.  His dad had taken him through a three-foot pool of water and Matthew and his dad were drenched from head to toe.  Matthew even had mud in his hair!  He’s five years old and loved every minute of it!   There are a couple of shots of the dune buggy all muddy and a shot of my muddy pants!

I showered last night after getting home and am going to wash my racing shirt for the next time I decide to participate in redneck fest!  Until then, it will be stowed away in the back of my closet again.

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