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My husband got a promotion at work.  Yesterday, he came home with a gift for his wifey.

These are the new Maui Jim sunglasses Rainbow Falls.  We saw these in Las Vegas and knew I wanted them.  I’ve been waiting for Maui Jim to produce big bug-eye sunglasses.  I love them.  Thanks Hubby!

Hubby said he got to spend his first bonus check and indeed he did!  For himself he wanted a new flat screen plasma tv.  A flat screen plasma tv now lives in our living room.

None of the pictures I took yesterday turned out very well.  We’ve been measured for blinds and need to go tonight and pick out which ones we want and set an appointment to have them installed.  All of the light shining in doesn’t produce good pictures.  I love all of the big tall windows though.  I never turn any lights on in the house until it gets really dark out.  Here’s a bad picture of the stand we picked out.

I didn’t take one picture at Hubby’s birthday party.  I was too busy playing hostess and grilling on Hubby’s birthday present.

We ended up having 32 people over at our house (and feeding 32 people!).  I grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken marinaded in lemon pepper.  By the end of the evening we had two cheeseburgers left over!

We had a great weekend.  Sunday I was exhausted and didn’t move off the couch for most of the day.  Being pregnant makes me tired.  Yesterday officially marked 12 weeks.  We’re due March 14 and can’t wait for the new Spoutings baby!  I’ve added a poll for fun.  The answer will be revealed in late October!


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I have been storing my grandmother’s china cabinet because I didn’t have room at the townhouse.  I now have a home for the china cabinet at my new house.  Here it is with all of my grandmother’s china.

I went through every piece and didn’t find one crack or broken piece on any of the china.  Here are some more detailed pictures.

I think I’ll be too scared to eat off of these, but at least they’ll look pretty in the china cabinet!  Here’s the china I registered for.  I only have 5 sets so far.  I’m working on getting up to 12! 

I have 4 sets of flatware.

I will continue asking for china and flatware for my birthday and Christmas until I have a complete set or it gets discontinued.

We also bought some new stools for the bar. 

We bought a large mirror to put over the love seat, but it isn’t hung yet.  Happy hump day!

*********Edited to add on 9/14************

Our blinds are finally installed!

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Dear July,

Please do not add anything else to my plate this month.  I am currently on July overload.

July you are good to me because we get to move at the end of your month; although I highly recommend not trying to coordinate closing on the current house you live in with the new house you are buying and then trying to tell the movers what time closing will take place.  Lender, do you know what time closing is?  Oh, no?  We have to send the paperwork to the underwriter first.  Sure.  You go ahead while my head explodes!

So, I’ve been coordinating movers, home inspections, appraisals, working full-time and my July decides it is a good time for my husband to have appendicitis.  Yeah July!  At least you are consistent with throwing out a good with every bad that comes along.

Hubby had been complaining of a stomach ache for approximately two weeks.  I scheduled him a physical exam and because July is both good and bad Hubby got a promotion at work (YEAH!) and really needed to be at work.  This forced him to cancel his physical.  Finally, Hubby stopped by the Urgent Treatment Center (UTC) which is a walk-in clinic on Thursday.  Our regular family doctor was on vacation probably living it up in Tahiti.  Remember, it’s July and Hubby got a great promotion.  What do you think the UTC tells him?  UTC says he needs to go get a cat scan immediately and most likely he has appendicitis.  Also, they will most likely do surgery that evening.

Hubby calls me at work and I leave to meet him to get his cat scan.  They say he does have appendicitis and have me drive him directly to the ER.  Hubby gets a room, they put him on antibiotics, pain medication and put me in a REALLY uncomfortable recliner.  Hubby was finally released from the hospital Monday.  I dropped him off at home and went to work.  His appendix didn’t burst, but was inflamed and abscessed so he goes to see the surgeon on Friday and will make an appointment for the removal of his appendix in a month or so.

July gave me some very exciting news, but you’ll have to stay tuned until the end of the month to find out what the news is!  It really is exciting and the main reason for me starting this blog in the first place.

Rolling with the punches,


***Edited to add 7/14/10***

My grandma realized her phone line was not working yesterday afternoon.  She asked my grandfather to trim some limbs of their pear tree around the phone line.  He had just been to the doctor the same day with vertigo.  The doctor had instructed my grandfather not to lean or tilt his head back for at least two days.  He explains this to Granny so outside she went to her pear tree with ladder in tow.  I think Granny is 72 (give or take a few years).  Granny proceeded to climb the ladder and try to trim the limbs.  She fell off and broke her leg.

Granny had her cell phone with her and kept trying to call my grandfather, but he forgot to turn his cell phone back on after he left the doctor’s office.  I went to see her last night.  I didn’t find out until 10:00 p.m.  I asked Granny if she tried to call anyone else.  She said no.  I told her she could have called 911 or anyone in her phone.  She said no, she just waited for my grandfather to find her.  She said it took him 35 minutes.  Then my grandfather called 911.

Now, I know I am stubborn, apparently I’ve inherited this from my grandmother, but really?  To lay there and see how long it takes your husband to find you?

So, July this is bad.  I guess to counter with a good; my anniversary is on Monday the 19th!

Bring it on July!  I’m ready.  Be easy on me though!

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We settled on the price for our new house.  We are going to close July 30!  We had our home inspection done on our townhouse.  We have to fix a drainage issue in the crawl space.  Apparently, there is also some “white growth” in the crawl space as well.  Luckily, we know a licensed contractor who works for one of the largest construction companies in town.  He’s going to come over tonight and address any issues.  The other thing the buyer wants us to fix is  something with the water tank which could allow a gas leak.  T la Rock, my BIL, is going to take care of all of this part.  T la Rock owned his own heating and air company until recently.  It’s nice having friends and family who are professionals.  It will likely save us a lot of money.  My buyer’s fiance is in construction so she wasn’t knit picky at all.  Very nice relief!  Thanks Michelle/new buyer!

Our new house is within walking distance from step-daughter.  We are hoping we get to see her more often.  Even if she just comes over for dinner.  It used to take us at least 20 minutes each way to drive to her house to pick her up.  Now she can come over even if it’s a little while and it doesn’t prevent us from seeing her because of the long commute.  We’ll also be saving gas money and time.  Our new house is closer for both Hubby and I to get to work.  Overall, I think the location is great and I love the house.  Can you tell I’m excited?

We are meeting on Monday to do an initial walk through on our new house.  All of it is small stuff, but I’m paying for a new house and I want everything perfect.  They will probably not like me after I am done pointing out everything.

I am having a privacy fence estimate today and another on Monday.  I’ll see who comes up with the best price.

I’m in the middle of deciding who will be my lender at the moment.  I started bugging Dana with Republic Bank in October so I feel like I should go with her, but Bank of America got me a better rate so I decided to go with them.  I told Dana and she made me feel all guilty for helping me out for as long as she has and then dumping her.  Dana is now offering the same interest percentage, 4.625%.  Yeah, 30 year conventional fixed loan at 4.625%.  So now if I use Dana instead of BOA she’s going to be upset with me!  Ultimately, I’m going with the better rate.  I can’t allow it to be personal.

We went to the lake for July 4th weekend and had a blast as always.  Hubby’s oldest brother fell into the fire and has 2nd degree burns.  I should have taken a picture.  Pain went through my body when I looked at it.

I cleaned out my dressers and closets last night.  I have two large, overflowing boxes I am going to take to Platos Closet to try to sell and two large boxes for Goodwill.  I also made Granny a pile to sell at her yard sales.  What I don’t sell at Platos I am going to donate to a local yard sale fund-raiser.

That’s all for now.  Any questions, just ask.

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Hubby and I went with our realtor to look at houses last night.  We put in an offer and asked to hear back today.

Here’s the house we picked.  It’s a Buckhead II built by Ball Homes.  I am so excited to move.  Our offer hasn’t been accepted yet, but I hope to counter offer until the deal is sealed.  If all goes as planned we will be closing on our townhouse and our new house on July 30!

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We sold our townhouse!  I sent the final signed copy to our realtor this morning.  We have to be out of our house by August 17.  Originally, the date was July 30.  That date was a little scary to me considering we don’t know where we are going to live yet!  With our counter offer we changed the date to August 27.  They accepted our counter offer and changed the date to August 17.  I will be out-of-town on business August 6-12.  I’m figuring we need to go ahead and close before I leave town and then move when I get home.  This doesn’t give us a lot of time, but we’re rolling with it!  The other scary part is I am not finding many houses in our price range and in the location we really like.  Please God let us find a house we like in our price range so we can move before August 17!

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Last night hubby received a call from his mom telling us a family member had passed away.  Hubby and I rushed over around 8:00 pm last night to be with his mom.

I received a phone call from our realtor, but didn’t answer because we were talking with the family and I didn’t want to be rude.  I called the realtor a short time later and she informed me someone is coming to look at our house today!  The realtor (who is also hubby’s aunt) asks me if I had possibly buried the St. Joseph statue.  My response was ABSOLUTELY!  The realtor then told me how her long time friend and another realtor had her house on the market for a long time.  Her friend was frustrated she couldn’t sell her own home.  And she was a realtor.  She tried every marketing strategy and did everything she could to sell her house.  Finally, our realtor tells her friend it is time to get a St. Joseph.  Our realtor goes on to say her friend accepted an offer within a week of getting her St. Joseph!

So far, I like St. Joseph!  Coincidence?  Possibly.  If we get an offer on our house today I am totally a believer in St. Joseph and no one will be able to convince me otherwise!

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