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Not only did we rock our tacky Christmas shirts, but we added the 80’s hair and make-up for good measure. 

My baby bump got cut off in this picture, but all you need to know is my HOT turtleneck (which I scrunched down, might I add) barely covered my maternity waist jeans.  I bought this fabulous turtleneck/vest combo a few years back when we had a tacky sweater event at work.

RL and I struggled to find sweaters for our husbands having anything to do with Christmas or winter.  We found Hubby a chair cover at Big Lots and made a sweater out of it.  NICE!

Hubby has very curly hair.  He brushed it out so it was “bushy” and decided he wanted to part it.  My husband’s hair does not exactly part, but we made it work with RL’s Rave hairspray and a blow dryer.  I think we had just as much fun dressing up as we did at the party.  Hubby is tilting his head in the picture so you can see his fabulous part in his hair.

RL found T la Rock some HOT velvet boxers at Walmart with a Santa theme.  She bought him women’s 3X tights, a light-up tie that sang, fuzzy red slippers and T la Rock added RL’s scarf and his taboggon.  We were a sight to see!

It’s like tacky Christmas sweaters gone bad!  That’s the way the Spoutings family rolls though.  AND we have fun doing it!


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Our crew happens to take the short bus!

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This is the text conversation between RL and I.

RL: I need help with Abby (her dog) tonight.  Available?
SS: Oh you’ll be gone for the concert.  Just remembered.
RL:  I’ll be home late so if you could either stop by after work to feed Abby and let her out or pick her up for a slumber party I can get her after work on Thursday.
SS: Please leave her food, two meals, scoop, leash and collar and give me the code to the garage so I can get in.  I’ll pick her up after work and we’ll slumber party doggy style!
RL: Wow!  LOL!
SS:  Not literally!  Not in your dirty mind kinda way.  Like in the style of dogs!  Treats and play!  We’ll see if we can find birds on tv for Abby!
RL: I love it!

We have a leak from one of the upstairs bathrooms and it shows on my kitchen ceiling.  I love home ownership!!!  This is what my ceiling ended up looking like when my husband was done with it last night.

This scares me!  I don’t know how to fix it and hubby is leaving today on a golf trip!  After talking to my realtor I found out I can pay $75 and they will come fix the leak!  I love warranties!!!  We are offering a warranty with the sale of our house and apparently, the house is covered while on the market!  I had no idea.  They won’t do the dry wall, but my father-in-law will help with that.  I have a feeling the hole is going to get a lot bigger before it is fixed.  Yikes!

I talked a little about some of the little things my husband does which irritate my OCD self here.  Last night I posted this picture on Facebook…

Why?  Please tell me why my husband leaves an empty cracker box in the cabinet.  I don’t get it.  It is simply beyond my understanding!  Men, do you do this?  Why?  Please tell.  Help me understand.

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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This weekend at a glance…

Friday came and all I wanted to do was relax.  I blame it on winter.  Hubby had taken stepdaughter over to his brother’s house for a Wii party.  I had the whole house to myself and I was going to put everything aside for my relaxing evening.  I showered, slathered on some smell-good lotion, set the small electric heater up beside the bed and turned on the movie Hubby had rented me “NY I Love You.”  I was totally set for a relaxing evening alone watching a movie.  I crawled into bed and sent Hubby a text with a picture of my atmosphere.  The text read, “Just took a shower, put my jammies on, fired the heater up and turned my movie on.  Does it make me old to be enjoying this so much?  The only thing that would make it better would be if you were laying here with me!  Love you!”  I attached the following picture:

What was supposed to be my relaxing evening.

I was soon wishing I had not neglected my cleaning duties and household chores.  I couldn’t have been laying down for 10 min (probably more like 5 min.) when my phone rang.  It was our realtor.  Swell.  Realtor informs me someone would like to come look at our house between 11-12 the next morning.  Really.  Really?

The lack of cleaning/straightening up was basic, so really it woudn’t have been a problem.  Remember, I am slightly OCD when it comes to someone coming to my house.  OMG we have to clean all of the fans in the bedrooms and we have to make it look like it is a house, not a home, etc, etc.  The major issue was switching out our broken washer and squeaky dryer with the stackable washer and dryer.  The stackable was hanging out in the middle of the laundry room because we hadn’t bought a long enough hose for the washing machine to move it to the far right wall yet.  The other issues which had not been addressed as of 7:30 Friday evening when I was supposed to be having a relaxing evening to myself was the fact there were exposed pipes originally covered up by the washer and from the previous owner.  Also, the linoleum didn’t go back to the wall underneath where the washer used to reside.

I call Hubby and explain he needs to leave T la Rock’s house immediately, go to Lowe’s, pick up a longer hose for the washer and let’s put up the paneling we had only yet discussed, but hadn’t managed to tackle yet.

I had most of the upstairs dusted, vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, etc. when Hubby arrived home with his paneling and hose.  He utilized our available tools to make a hole for the electric outlet, but decided we’d wait until tomorrow to undertake the larger hold for the dryer vent.  We swept up the drill shavings and had to get creative with the floor where the washer used to sit with zero linoleum.  Rugs were what I came up with.  I layed down a rug, put stepdaughter’s laundry hamper over the rug and called it a night at 11pm.

I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow and didn’t wake up when Hubby came home from getting stepdaughter.

We got up at 9 am to finish the downstairs cleaning.  My phone rang about 10:30 am after I had showered, applied make-up, fixed my hair and was preparing to leave soon with stepdaughter in tow as well as my dog for the realtor to show our house.  Guess who?  If you said our realtor, you are correct and here is your cookie for answering correctly!  Realtor says the buyer was coming in from out-of-town and the roads were too bad to make the trip.  Thank you!  YOU are now welcome to come to my house because my washer/dryer are in place and the fans have all been dusted!

It was time for RL’s bridal shower at 2pm so stepdaughter and I went shopping for earrings.  She got her ears pierced for her birthday, but has two more weeks before she can change her earrings.  Stepdaughter and I are shopping and receive a phone call about 1:25 from CC (SIL).  She says RL had asked her to call me because she wanted to make sure I knew the shower was at 1pm.  Uh, no missed that part!  Stepdaughter and I make our way to RL’s shower which was fabulous by the way!  Her aunts did a great job incorporating the “Grease” theme.

Sunday was another another bridal shower for RL and the Super Bowl followed.  At 8:30 I was ready to go home!  Overall, I had a great weekend! 

I’m learning when selling your house you have to keep it up like a house, not a home.  I don’t care much for this, but it will all be worth it in the end.  St. Joseph, I am holding you to your upside down burial.  Sell my house!

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It is exactly one week away from my birthday.  I AM GOING TO BE 30!  I can’t decide if this affects me or not.  I haven’t gotten extremely sad or anything so I think it’s just going to be another birthday.  If I get sad, I’ll just put my Marge Halloween costume back on and rock it out for my birthday!  No one will know how old I am under the costume, but my sanity might be questioned!

When I turned 29 I told everyone I want to have a surprise birthday party.  I haven’t let hubby forget either.  When I am with a group of people, I make sure to tell everyone they are invited to my surprise birthday party!  I tell them to ask hubby when and where because O B V I O U S L Y it would NOT be a surprise if I knew where, when and everyone who is coming!  Sheeshh!

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Trophy Wife

So.  I am talking to my niece about what she wants to do for a career.   My niece is 10 by the way.  She proceeds to tell me how she would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up.  I tell her I think she will make a wonderful vet.  We continue to talk about how much school is involved and how she needs to work hard in school, get good grades, go to college, etc.  She follows with, “Yeah, my friend T (who is also 10) wants to be a trophy wife when she grows up so she doesn’t have to work!”  (insert my eyes getting bug-eyed and mouth gaping open — Here.)  OMG!  Are you serious?  The kid has the aspiration to be a trophy wife at the age of 10?  Where do these kids learn these kinds of things?

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My Halloween Haunted House adventures of 2009…
Not sure what I was doing with my hand!

Not sure what I was doing with my hand!

This one is a little dark.  Depth perception is off on this one!  It just looks like his hand is where it shouldn't be!

This one is a little dark. Depth perception is off on this one! It just looks like his hand is where it shouldn't be! I think it was done on purpose. I didn't know until I looked at the picture.

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