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I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I make mistakes. There. It’s out. I know you are all surprised to hear this and I am just as shocked to admit it. Ok, not really.

Here’s the rub. I pride myself in always being honest. For the most part I am quite proud of this attribute. The down side to this is I am also opinionated. This isn’t necessarily a good thing. The other thing I’m good at is expressing these feelings. Again, it’s therapeutic to not hold your emotions in, but when you combine honesty, my opinionated self and add a dash of me expressing myself it often becomes someone else’s feelings who get hurt.

In my defense, I don’t sit and ponder and conspire how I am going to hurt someone’s feelings. I feel strongly about some things. This gets me in trouble as well. My mouth has no filter when these things come out. Sometimes I make an example out of myself thinking if I’ve made it about me the person couldn’t be offended. Then it becomes a situation where, “what does this have to do with you?” Well, I really didn’t mean to make it about me I was trying to spare your feelings. What I’ve really done is just make it about me, I look selfish and my point was never made. Now there is a whole other issue of saying something I didn’t really mean at all and I’m left to be the big mouth when what I really meant wasn’t portrayed at all—which is my fault. I need a filter on my mouth. One where the words process in my brain before they are spoken or in some cases written.

 Everyone sees and hears things differently. I’m not a complex person. What you see is what you get. What I say isn’t meant to be interpreted or looked into with ulterior motives. If I say it is pink I wholeheartedly think it’s pink. Not a shade or hue of red. I most likely didn’t consider how pink was made–it is what it is, in my mind—pink.

If I’ve hurt someone the aftermath leaves me broken, self defeated and in tears. I am my own worst critic. I beat myself up more than YOU ever could. I harbor guilt and anger like it’s nobody’s business. All of my feelings collide, I can’t think straight and I can’t tell you for the life of me what is heads or tails. I try to sort it all out in my head, but everything is jumbled and not one thought is clear.

Deciding at this point if an apology is necessary is difficult. Do I let it go? Do I apologize and try to explain, or am I going to make it worse? Do I drag it all out again or let it die? Clearly, every situation is different, but I have a hard time making a judgment call here

I don’t have a remedy for this last process so preventing it from the beginning is my best solution. The bright side? I’m still learning. Observing. Making myself better. Acknowledging these traits I don’t like can only make me better–for me and my new baby girl.

If you have been directly impacted by the above unfiltered mouth syndrome described above please know that I am truly sorry.


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Last week was turned upside down and flipped inside out as far as routine goes.  Hubby’s step-mom went to be with God in Heaven after a long fight with cancer.  I would rather upload a picture of my own, but for now here is the one I am borrowing from the paper.

I don’t think Linda liked me much at first when Chris and I first started dating.  She’s not the type of person who just lets you in by association (sounds like someone else I know-ME!).  I soon was embraced in family events and welcomed to their vacation villa in Florida.  I think one of my fondest memories of Linda was in Florida.  There is a restaurant on the beach and we snuck our drinks out of the restaurant and back to the beach.  This was all my influence and not something she would have done alone.  We laughed once we got back to the ocean about what would have happened if we’d gotten caught.  You’ll be missed Linda.

Later in the week I found out my grandfather’s brother passed away.  Saturday morning I was off to the funeral home again and then to the cemetery.  

Saturday evening we enjoyed having our nephew, Lee and his girlfriend Liz over for dinner as well as our twin nieces.  We all played Balderdash, ate spaghetti, cupcakes and leftover Halloween candy.  Sunday we found out Liz’s mom passed away.  Her mom had been in the hospital for knee surgery.  They’re thinking a blood clot contributed to her death, but we aren’t sure yet. 

Death usually comes in three’s.  Hopefully, it’s done for a while.  I’m funeraled out and my one black maternity dress doesn’t want to be used ANY MORE!

My birthday is Wednesday and my plans are to go to dinner.  That’s it.  No party…just dinner.  We went to eat with my family yesterday which was nice, but once you turn 31 and you’re pregnant…it’s just not that much fun to celebrate your birthday.

I don’t know that this post could get any more boring or sad so I’m going to stop.

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Dear July,

Please do not add anything else to my plate this month.  I am currently on July overload.

July you are good to me because we get to move at the end of your month; although I highly recommend not trying to coordinate closing on the current house you live in with the new house you are buying and then trying to tell the movers what time closing will take place.  Lender, do you know what time closing is?  Oh, no?  We have to send the paperwork to the underwriter first.  Sure.  You go ahead while my head explodes!

So, I’ve been coordinating movers, home inspections, appraisals, working full-time and my July decides it is a good time for my husband to have appendicitis.  Yeah July!  At least you are consistent with throwing out a good with every bad that comes along.

Hubby had been complaining of a stomach ache for approximately two weeks.  I scheduled him a physical exam and because July is both good and bad Hubby got a promotion at work (YEAH!) and really needed to be at work.  This forced him to cancel his physical.  Finally, Hubby stopped by the Urgent Treatment Center (UTC) which is a walk-in clinic on Thursday.  Our regular family doctor was on vacation probably living it up in Tahiti.  Remember, it’s July and Hubby got a great promotion.  What do you think the UTC tells him?  UTC says he needs to go get a cat scan immediately and most likely he has appendicitis.  Also, they will most likely do surgery that evening.

Hubby calls me at work and I leave to meet him to get his cat scan.  They say he does have appendicitis and have me drive him directly to the ER.  Hubby gets a room, they put him on antibiotics, pain medication and put me in a REALLY uncomfortable recliner.  Hubby was finally released from the hospital Monday.  I dropped him off at home and went to work.  His appendix didn’t burst, but was inflamed and abscessed so he goes to see the surgeon on Friday and will make an appointment for the removal of his appendix in a month or so.

July gave me some very exciting news, but you’ll have to stay tuned until the end of the month to find out what the news is!  It really is exciting and the main reason for me starting this blog in the first place.

Rolling with the punches,


***Edited to add 7/14/10***

My grandma realized her phone line was not working yesterday afternoon.  She asked my grandfather to trim some limbs of their pear tree around the phone line.  He had just been to the doctor the same day with vertigo.  The doctor had instructed my grandfather not to lean or tilt his head back for at least two days.  He explains this to Granny so outside she went to her pear tree with ladder in tow.  I think Granny is 72 (give or take a few years).  Granny proceeded to climb the ladder and try to trim the limbs.  She fell off and broke her leg.

Granny had her cell phone with her and kept trying to call my grandfather, but he forgot to turn his cell phone back on after he left the doctor’s office.  I went to see her last night.  I didn’t find out until 10:00 p.m.  I asked Granny if she tried to call anyone else.  She said no.  I told her she could have called 911 or anyone in her phone.  She said no, she just waited for my grandfather to find her.  She said it took him 35 minutes.  Then my grandfather called 911.

Now, I know I am stubborn, apparently I’ve inherited this from my grandmother, but really?  To lay there and see how long it takes your husband to find you?

So, July this is bad.  I guess to counter with a good; my anniversary is on Monday the 19th!

Bring it on July!  I’m ready.  Be easy on me though!

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…those all relate, right?  I’ll tie them on all in.  Keep reading!

I had an awesome weekend with my stepdaughter, niece and my SIL, RL.  My husband and RL’s husband were out-of-town on a golf trip all weekend.  This was the first time we both kept our stepdaughter by ourselves for the entire weekend.

Friday my niece and RL came over to our house for a slumber party.  We cranked up the music, sang karaoke, danced, watched a movie and ate popcorn.

I had a blast and I think the girls enjoyed themselves too.  I was part of the action, but did spend a lot of time on the phone with the plumber and warranty company.  Thursday, the plumber came to the house, made a larger hole in my kitchen ceiling and misdiagnosed the leak.  The plumber said my guest bathroom toilet was loose and moved around to make the wax ring shift and the toilet leak.  He also said the wood was rotting and the wood would need to be replaced.  And the best part?  None of it was covered under my warranty.  I bought a warranty for the new buyer once our house sells.  Luckily (or not) the warranty is available while our house is on the market too!

So no one used the guest bathroom toilet.  I closed the door and everyone had to use the master bathroom.  After the step-daughter and I ate dinner (her choice was Subway) I sent her off to shower in the master bath so she wouldn’t have to worry with it later when her cousin arrived.  I was cleaning because we had two showings the next morning for potential buyers. (even though there is a huge hole in my kitchen ceiling!)

RL and my niece arrive and my niece is sent off to shower.  The master bath shower, of course.  My niece is 11 and takes a longer shower than I do!  I go into the kitchen and water is coming down my cabinets and there is a water pool on my countertop.  OMG!  Why is it leaking?  The plumber said yesterday it was the toilet in the guest bathroom.  Thursday plumber HAS to be wrong! 

To make this long story shorter a supervisor from the plumbing company came out and diagnosed the leak as a shower valve.  The resolution?  Cut into the shower and have a fiberglass company fill in the hole after the leak is fixed.  If the fiberglass company can’t fill in where the piece has been taken out they have to cut out the whole shower, get a new shower and likely replace the floor tile I installed only three years ago!  Fun!  Is it covered?  Plumber dude doesn’t know yet.  He was supposed to call the fiberglass company first thing Monday morning to find out if they can fill in what is cut out or not.  After finding out what option is available he has to call the warranty company and let me know Monday or Tuesday.  Think I’ve heard from the plumber?  Nope.

To wrap this story up I have a gigantic hole in my kitchen ceiling.  Our house is on the market.  I can’t use my master bath.  I don’t know if the warranty will cover the work to fix the leak.  AND the plumber told me it would cost in the upper thousands to fix it.  Thursday plumber had been with the company for less than a week!  Supervisor plumber checked around my guest bathroom toilet and determined there was no leak and the wood is NOT rotting!  I LOVE HOME OWNERSHIP and plumbers!!!

Saturday morning we all woke up and went to the Gap Outlet.  I was pretty proud for all of the things we got for $46 after tax and 15% coupon I found online!  Step-daughter got black pants, two button down 3/4 sleeve polos, a brown and white, polka dot cotton shirt, three bathing suits, a belt, cotton shorts and a zip-up hoodie.  Included in the $46 I got a bathing suit and three pairs of bloomers.

We all headed back to RL’s house and watched movies.  My other SIL, CC, joined us as well.  I have the best SILs EVER!  The funniest part of the evening, in my opinion, is my conversation with RL. 

SS: I went out to sit on the porch, looked down and saw a small worm crawling on my sock.
RL: What?
SS: It was just a small earthworm.  They tend to come out when it rains.  There are five or six on your porch right now.
RL: (in a totally serious tone) Well, we’re going to have to spray for that!

I thought this was hilarious!  CC and I were laughing afterward and RL couldn’t understand why we thought it was so funny.  I text RL yesterday and said, “Hope you sprayed for the earthworms.  With all of the rain we’ve gotten  they are guaranteed to be out on your porch!”  She text back and said, “Not yet, but I really need to do that!”

In other Spoutings news I started my vegetable garden.  I planted three tomato plants (I hope they do as well as they did last year), two red peppers, two green peppers and added two strawberry plants this year.

I tried planting onions from seeds last year and they got about as big as the bulbs you buy!  This year I bought the bulbs.  They don’t look so well right now because they have been pounded by all of the rain we’ve gotten  recently.

One more thing and you should all be updated.  My baby girl turned four years old on Friday.  I’m a little late, but here’s a recent picture and a shout out to my pooch for turning four.  I love you Bella!

Happy Hump Day!

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Last night my brother called to tell me the garage/workshop my dad built where we used to live burned down.  My dad, his friends and neighbors all pitched in to build this structure.  I had already moved out of the house when he built it.  My dad died a little over four years ago and my brother and I sold the house last year.

The reports say they are unsure what caused the fire.  I do know the building  sat for three years without any problems.  I can only guess the new owner had something inside the building to make it catch on fire or it was foul play. 

I drove to the cemetary on my lunch break where my dad’s headstone is.  Then I went and saw the damage.

This picture is from http://www.georgetownnews.com/articles/2009/11/30/news/doc4b142cfdedcdc345512076.txt

I still don’t know how I feel about all of this.  The only thing I can come up with is it bothers me.  I’m not sure why.  We don’t own it anymore.  I am sad for the new owners.  I do hope insurance will cover the damage and I hope it was NOT foul play.  Thankfully, no one was harmed and it did not damage the house.

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