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I was reflecting on Valentine’s Day yesterday after looking at posts on Facebook.  Some were so excited about the dinner their significant other treated them to or flowers they were given, etc.  My thought has so often been — flower costs rise for the simple fact it is Valentine’s Day.  I would much rather my husband buy me flowers once or twice a year just for the heck of it than him go along with the crowd and send me flowers at the inflated price on February 14th which die.  I’m romantic like that!

I thought about how people have their significant others buy them massages and do something “special” for them on Valentine’s Day.  I realized how blessed I am.  My husband does all of these things throughout the year just because he loves me and not because it’s a specific date.  I don’t get flowers once a week, but who wants that?  My husband brings me flowers “for everything you do.”  My husband makes me dinner because well, he enjoys letting me sit back and relax while he cooks, serves me dinner and then will often even do the dishes after.  My husband gives me a massage because he knows I don’t like paying for the expensive massages.  Hubby spreads these things throughout the year and makes me feel special all of the time and not just because it’s February 14th.

Yesterday, Hubby and I both took off work to spend the day together per my request.  I had a coupon for IHop to buy 1 entree, get 1 free so we went to breakfast.  Next, we went to visit my friend TR in the hospital because she just had a baby.  Congrats TR!  We shopped for gliders for the baby’s room and video cameras, then rented a Redbox (free with promo code!), went home and relaxed and watched a movie.  To me, it was a perfect day.  My husband was attentive to what I wanted to do, I wasn’t fretting over spending a lot of money, I got to use my coupons and I spent the entire day relaxing and spending time with my husband. 

Everyone is different.  Not everyone gets a thrill out of using coupons like I do.  I honestly would be upset if my husband did go out and spent money on diamonds for me.  To each their own I suppose.

To Hubby, thank you for making me feel special all year long and not just sending me flowers once a year because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I love you!


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Stepdaughter turned 11 yesterday. It’s our weekend so we’re having her a birthday party tomorrow evening. Stepdaughter requested several months back we have a separate birthday party at our house for family and a few friends. Works for me. Baby mama wants us to still pay for half of a birthday party she wants to throw for stepdaughter at a hotel with an indoor pool. I’m still not sure what her reasoning is behind this. We’re having her a party. I don’t know why we would want to pay for half of a second party. This is the same woman who requested extra money for back to school items such as underwear, bras and socks. Lady, I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. I know what child support is supposed to be used for. If you don’t use it for your daughter A) That’s sad and B) You being irresponsible with money doesn’t make me want to give you more money.

Stepdaughter has texting on her Ipod Touch so I text with her frequently now. She had three snow days this week if this is any indication of my definition of “frequent!” In one text she asked what the menu was going to be for her party. I told her we were going to get pizzas, breadsticks and sauce. I text back to say if this isn’t ok to let me know, but Hubby had told me he cleared this with her. She text back saying, “Sounds good with some apitizers like fruit and if u can I would love some chocolate covered strawberries.” My response, “Chocolate covered strawberries is your dad’s specialty. I’ll talk to him about that.”

Really? My stepdaughter wants fruit for “apitizers.” Funny. I had a fruit tray for New Year’s so I assume this is where the idea came from. I didn’t know 11 year old birthday parties required appetizers, but whatever. The chocolate covered strawberries I am still baffled over though. Where did that come from?

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Not only did we rock our tacky Christmas shirts, but we added the 80’s hair and make-up for good measure. 

My baby bump got cut off in this picture, but all you need to know is my HOT turtleneck (which I scrunched down, might I add) barely covered my maternity waist jeans.  I bought this fabulous turtleneck/vest combo a few years back when we had a tacky sweater event at work.

RL and I struggled to find sweaters for our husbands having anything to do with Christmas or winter.  We found Hubby a chair cover at Big Lots and made a sweater out of it.  NICE!

Hubby has very curly hair.  He brushed it out so it was “bushy” and decided he wanted to part it.  My husband’s hair does not exactly part, but we made it work with RL’s Rave hairspray and a blow dryer.  I think we had just as much fun dressing up as we did at the party.  Hubby is tilting his head in the picture so you can see his fabulous part in his hair.

RL found T la Rock some HOT velvet boxers at Walmart with a Santa theme.  She bought him women’s 3X tights, a light-up tie that sang, fuzzy red slippers and T la Rock added RL’s scarf and his taboggon.  We were a sight to see!

It’s like tacky Christmas sweaters gone bad!  That’s the way the Spoutings family rolls though.  AND we have fun doing it!

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I had a rough week last week.  I was upset because I had a misunderstanding with a good friend and I got a stomach virus.  Friday I came home and finished making out my grocery list for Thanksgiving.  When I returned home, Hubby and stepdaughter met me in the garage to unload groceries.  I entered the kitchen and saw this:

I leaned over onto the counter crying and sobbing out loud.  I’m glad I don’t get flowers all of the time, but Hubby seems to know when I need them most!  The note says, “We just wanted to say thanks for all you do.  Love, Hubby and Stepdaughter.”

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1.  Hubby had his appendectomy Thursday.  He had it removed laproscopically, but is still very sore.  He’s been a good patient; sleeping mostly!

2.  I am 20 weeks today!  Officially half way through the pregnancy.  I can’t wait until I can hold my baby (not that I wish for a premature baby by any means).  I know it’s going to be a love I have never felt before. 

3.  I am so sick and tired of people my grandma telling me I’m showing more than I should at 20 weeks.  I thought everyone carries different.  I’m 5’1″ tall.  Where is my baby going to go.  OUT!  That’s where!  I don’t have  a long torso.  It’s irritating because 1) I can’t help it.  2) It’s rude and 3) IT’S RUDE!  What do you want me to do about it wear spanx?

4.  Wednesday we find out the gender of the baby.  The time between now and Wednesday is going to feel like a lifetime!

5.  They say you have crazy dreams when you are pregnant.  I fell asleep watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians last night.  I dreamed all night I was dating Rob Kardashian and people kept calling me a cougar.  I think there is an episode where the paparazzi call Kim a cougar because she had a photo shoot with Justin Beber.  It’s funny how your mind twists everything in dreams.  (If you don’t watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians–sorry; you should.)

6.  We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Truly, I have dreamed of this for so many years and I’m tickled pink!  When we bought our house all I could picture is having everyone over for Thanksgiving.  So far I have 34 people on my guest list, but I’m guessing between 25-30 will actually show up.  When I think of the number of people in my house it makes me happy to be spending Thanksgiving with my entire family.  It also makes me cringe with the thought of the kids touching the walls.  I’ve noticed the stairwell already needs painting.  I’ll wait until after Thanksgiving!  I also keep thinking of the baseboards needing to be cleaned when I’m over 6 months pregnant.  It might be necessary to disregard my baseboards for Thanksgiving this year — look — something shiny!  I reserve the right to divert one’s attention as necessary.

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Congratulations RL and T la Rock!  Our kids are going to grow up together seven weeks apart!  We look forward to welcoming you into the world on May 2, 2011!

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We settled on the price for our new house.  We are going to close July 30!  We had our home inspection done on our townhouse.  We have to fix a drainage issue in the crawl space.  Apparently, there is also some “white growth” in the crawl space as well.  Luckily, we know a licensed contractor who works for one of the largest construction companies in town.  He’s going to come over tonight and address any issues.  The other thing the buyer wants us to fix is  something with the water tank which could allow a gas leak.  T la Rock, my BIL, is going to take care of all of this part.  T la Rock owned his own heating and air company until recently.  It’s nice having friends and family who are professionals.  It will likely save us a lot of money.  My buyer’s fiance is in construction so she wasn’t knit picky at all.  Very nice relief!  Thanks Michelle/new buyer!

Our new house is within walking distance from step-daughter.  We are hoping we get to see her more often.  Even if she just comes over for dinner.  It used to take us at least 20 minutes each way to drive to her house to pick her up.  Now she can come over even if it’s a little while and it doesn’t prevent us from seeing her because of the long commute.  We’ll also be saving gas money and time.  Our new house is closer for both Hubby and I to get to work.  Overall, I think the location is great and I love the house.  Can you tell I’m excited?

We are meeting on Monday to do an initial walk through on our new house.  All of it is small stuff, but I’m paying for a new house and I want everything perfect.  They will probably not like me after I am done pointing out everything.

I am having a privacy fence estimate today and another on Monday.  I’ll see who comes up with the best price.

I’m in the middle of deciding who will be my lender at the moment.  I started bugging Dana with Republic Bank in October so I feel like I should go with her, but Bank of America got me a better rate so I decided to go with them.  I told Dana and she made me feel all guilty for helping me out for as long as she has and then dumping her.  Dana is now offering the same interest percentage, 4.625%.  Yeah, 30 year conventional fixed loan at 4.625%.  So now if I use Dana instead of BOA she’s going to be upset with me!  Ultimately, I’m going with the better rate.  I can’t allow it to be personal.

We went to the lake for July 4th weekend and had a blast as always.  Hubby’s oldest brother fell into the fire and has 2nd degree burns.  I should have taken a picture.  Pain went through my body when I looked at it.

I cleaned out my dressers and closets last night.  I have two large, overflowing boxes I am going to take to Platos Closet to try to sell and two large boxes for Goodwill.  I also made Granny a pile to sell at her yard sales.  What I don’t sell at Platos I am going to donate to a local yard sale fund-raiser.

That’s all for now.  Any questions, just ask.

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