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I had a rough week last week.  I was upset because I had a misunderstanding with a good friend and I got a stomach virus.  Friday I came home and finished making out my grocery list for Thanksgiving.  When I returned home, Hubby and stepdaughter met me in the garage to unload groceries.  I entered the kitchen and saw this:

I leaned over onto the counter crying and sobbing out loud.  I’m glad I don’t get flowers all of the time, but Hubby seems to know when I need them most!  The note says, “We just wanted to say thanks for all you do.  Love, Hubby and Stepdaughter.”


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This is what I walked into yesterday afternoon after I got home from work.

On the ground are a pair of socks, a t-shirt, a pair of tennis shoes and a pillow.

Now observe the coffee table.  This glass has what looks to be the remains of a peach with a napkin hanging out for good measure.

I go to bed before Hubby.  I leave while it’s still dark (or it’s getting darker every day when I leave for work) so I pass by the living room and into the kitchen for my glass of Simply Grapefruit then leave.  I don’t know if this occurs after I go to bed or in the mornings before Hubby leaves for work.  I’m convinced he is trying to get the first trimester pregnant lady back by leaving his peach remains and a napkin hanging out of his glass on the coffee table.  I’ve witnessed the part on the ground.  Hubby decides he’s ready for bed, stands up, lets whatever is on top of him fall to the ground whether it be a blanket, pillows, socks, shirts, etc, leaves everything lying as it fell to the ground and he goes up to bed.

I love you Hubby, but sometimes I do not like your choices!  For the record, when I got home from taking Bella to the Vet the glass was put away.  The clothes?  I threw them into a pile over by where he was sitting.  Deep breath…

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