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I smile A LOT!  I love a good laugh and joking around.  You will most often find me with a smile on my face.  This is the problem: 

Teeth before Braces

At the beginning of the year, Hubby added me to his insurance plan.  I had never had dental insurance cover orthodontic treatment before.  So, since I love to smile, I figured I might as well fix it up nice and pretty! 

First Day with Braces

 The best part was my really good friend D put them on for me!

Me & D after she put my braces on!

So yeah!  I’m 30 years old and in braces!  Please leave nice messages in the comments section so I’m not so self-conscious.  Don’t say brace face and sneeze at the same time trying to cover up your name calling.  Go.  Get to work on those nice comments!

*****Update; April 2, 2010*****




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